Rosalyn Ball

rosalyn ball




Campaigner against the gender stereotyping of children

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Rosalyn Ball is an author and journalist who campaigns against the gender stereotyping of children. After many years at the BBC reporting and presenting at BBC Parliament she is currently working on the Centenary of women's suffrage for the Government Equalities Office. Her first book The Gender Agenda was published in 2017.

A woman who has inspired me

"No cause can be won between dinner and tea and most of us who were married had to work with one hand tied behind us." - Hannal Mitchell, Suffrage Campaigner 

My words to share with others

Whether you count the current wave as the third, fourth or fifth wave of feminism is immaterial, what matters is that current activism does constitute a wave with all the power and irresistible force that implies. The feminist tide is rising higher and I want to be part of the swell.

My proudest achievement

My proudest achievement is publishing The Gender Agenda, a two year diary of the way the world treats my daughter and son differently in day to day life. It's an eye-opening account of the little things that cumulatively make a big difference to the way boys and girls are raised but also gives you useful tips on how to fight back. Spreading the word on the way gender is constructed and reinforced  - and how we can all work together to challenge it - makes me very proud. 

My thoughts on feminism and women’s suffrage

Women's suffrage and the endurance of those extraordinarily brave women has always been a touchstone for me. When I was at school I felt their righteous anger burn in me when I learnt about their treatment. That fire has never gone away. I'm very proud to be a suffrage champion and can never thank them enough for what they did for me, my daughter and all women and girls in the UK.