Kirsty Blackman MP

kirsty blackman




In too many places, the ladder is still steeper for women than men. 



Kirsty was first elected to Aberdeen City Council in 2007 when she was 21. She served 8 years there and has been the SNP MP for Aberdeen North since May 2015. Kirsty is the Depute Leader of the SNP at Westminster and leads for her group on the Economy. She has two children aged 4 and 6.

A woman who has inspired me

“I am so proud of everything that has been achieved so far… however, I’m not done yet.” - Phionna McInnes (Founder of Me Too charity in Aberdeen)

My words to share with others

If you have even the smallest of positive impacts on someone else’s life then you’re making a difference.  Even if we all make a small difference, these positive changes will add up and we can make the world a better place.

My proudest achievement

From any of the major parties, I am the first woman in the House of Commons to lead on the economy. No women have yet filled either the Chancellor or Shadow Chancellor roles. 

My thoughts on feminism and women’s suffrage

In too many places, the ladder is still steeper for women than men.  It’s still more difficult to climb up.  Those of us who have managed to climb up a few rungs have a responsibility to help make the ladder easier to navigate for the next generation of women.  We can only do that if we have women in positions of power, and parliament is an excellent place for change to be born.