Emma Bridgewater

emma bridgewater




Champion of British industry and of manufacturing in the UK 


Emma Bridgewater has become a household name having spent over 30 years building up a successful business most recognisable in her trademark hand-decorated kitchen pottery. Emma was educated at Oxford High School and at London University where she read English Literature.  With no formal training in design or business she nevertheless quickly established the company bearing her name which now employs over 300 people. The commercial office is in London and pottery is all made in Stoke on Trent where she spearheaded a revival in traditional craft skills in the potteries. A refusal to outsource manufacturing to low wage economies abroad has led Emma to a role as a champion of British industry and in particular of manufacturing in this country, something about which she feels very strongly. Emma is currently president of CPRE. Emma is married to illustrator and designer Matthew Rice, they and their four children live near Oxford. 

A woman who has inspired me

I love Ginger Rogers’ quip that she worked just as hard as Fred Astaire in their dance routines, the difference being she did it backwards in high heels. Because frankly we do still have to work much harder than men to achieve similar goals, and if you can’t joke about it you’ll go nuts. 

My words to share with others

As a woman you will have to make compromises but you can still get there provided your vision really interests, really moves you, really feels worthwhile.

My proudest achievement

My proudest achievement (as well as raising four wonderful, emotionally intelligent children who really get on well together) is bucking the downhill trend in the traditional ceramics industry in Staffordshire, making over 300 creative jobs and a desirable and successful product. 

My thoughts on feminism and women’s suffrage

The feminist quest for equal opportunities for women is by no means complete. We need to use our votes with determination to make sure that women play an ever greater part in the national conversation about how our society works and what kind of world we are making.