Conference Programme: Women's Suffrage and Beyond, Local, National and International Contexts


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Women’s Suffrage and Beyond: Local, National and International Contexts, Oxford University, 4 & 5 October 2018.


 Conference Programme


Thursday 4 October 2018


9.15: Registration in the Weston Library Foyer


10.00: Welcome (Senia Paseta, Co-Director, Women in the Humanities)


10.15-11.15: Keynote Lecture: Nicoletta Gullace (University of New Hampshire)


11.15-12.45: Parallel Panels A and B


Panel ASuffrage in the Home and in the Classroom

Venue: The Weston Lecture Theatre

Alison McClean (Independent Scholar): Girls’ Education and the Campaign for Female Suffrage in Bristol

Helen Sunderland (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge): ‘The “Suffragettes” cannot be well represented in our Form’: English Girls’ High Schools and the Women’s Suffrage Debate

Laura Schwartz (University of Warwick): Behind-The-Scenes in the Suffrage Home: The Invisible Labour That Won the Vote


Panel B: Writing, Creativity and Performance in the Women’s Suffrage Movement

Venue: The Bahari Room

Sos Eltis (Brasenose College, University of Oxford): “The Weakest Link”: Suffrage writing, class interests and the isolated woman of leisure

Richard Parfitt (Linacre College, University of Oxford): Territorial Politics and Aural Space: A comparison of musical performance in women’s suffrage and Irish political movements

Naomi Paxton (SAS, University of London and Vote 100): Lapboard Ladies: suffrage on the New York subway


12.45-2.00: Lunch


2.00- 3.30 Parallel Panels C and D


Panel C: Irish Nationalism and Feminist Activism

Venue: The Weston Lecture Theatre

Jennifer Redmond (Maynooth University): ‘Was there an Irish voice in 19th Century British Suffrage debates? Investigating parliamentary petitions and speeches’

Ciara Stewart (Durham University): Petitioning against the Contagious Diseases acts in Britain and Ireland: A comparative perspective

Mary McAuliffe (University College, Dublin): ‘Women voted early and in large numbers’: Irishwomen, activism and the 1918 General Election


Panel D: Grassroots Activism and Local Political Networks

Venue: The Bahari Room

Beth Jenkins (University of Essex): ‘There is…a great difference in the people of the two halves of the Principality’: Place, Identity and Suffrage in Wales

Ruth Boreham (Independent Scholar): WSPU militancy: A case study of grassroots activism in Scotland

Anna Muggeridge (University of Worcester): ‘A matter of justice, long overdue’: women’s suffrage and local political networks in Walsall, c1910-1938


3.30 – 4.15: Tea and Coffee


4.15 – 5.15: Discussion Panel (Commemoration) Helen Antrobus (People’s History Museum), Kathryn Gleadle (Mansfield College, Oxford) Mari Takayanagi (Parliamentary Archives and Vote 100), Rowena Hillel (The National Archives) and Matthew Smith (Citizen Project, Royal Holloway University)

Venue: The Weston Lecture Theatre


5.30-6.30: Drinks Reception and Performance from the Oxford Belles

Venue: the Divinity School and Convocation House


6.30-7.30: Keynote Lecture: Susan Grayzel (Utah State University)

Venue: the Divinity School and Convocation House


8pm: Dinner at Branca 



Friday 5 October 2018


9.30-11: Parallel Panels E and F


Panel E: Campaigns and Opportunities in Wartime

Venue: The Oxford Martin School

Alexandra Hughes-Johnson (WiH, University of Oxford): ‘Keep your eyes on us because there is no more napping’: The wartime suffrage campaigns of the Suffragettes of the WSPU and the Independent WSPU

Lisa Cox-Davis (University of Worcester): New fields of usefulness’: Activists within the suffrage movement who became the pioneers of women’s policing.

Sophie Almond (University of Leicester): The Lady Doctor’s Limitations: The Association of Registered Medical Women (ARMW) and the British Suffrage Movement


Panel F:  Suffrage in Print: Representations in the Press and Periodicals

Venue: The Weston Lecture Theatre

Sarah Pederson (Robert Gordon University): The Scottish Suffragettes and the Press

Tania Shew (University of Manchester): Militancy Within the Marital Sphere: the politicisation of marriage as a radical response to the limitations of the nineteenth-century suffragist movement, 1905-1914

Flore Janssen and Amy Matthewson (Birkbeck and SOAS, University of London): Cartooning Suffrage: Visual Representations of Women and the Vote in Punch, c.1905-1919


11-11.30: Tea and Coffee


11.30-12.30: Discussion Panel and Performance (Artistic responses to the centenary) Sally Nicholls, Lucy Pankhurst, Charlotte Delaney, Hazel Reeves and Claire Frampton

Venue: The Weston Lecture Theatre


12.30-1.45: Lunch


1.45- 3.30 Parallel Panels G and H


Panel G: International Activist Networks

Venue: The Oxford Martin School

Karen Hunt (Keele University): Suffrage internationalism in practise: Finland, suffrage and Dora Montefiore

Katherine Connelly (Arcadia University): Sylvia Pankhurst’s tours of North America and the East London federation of Suffragettes

Maurice Casey (Jesus College, University of Oxford): Votes for Women to World Revolution: Suffragettes and International Communism

Zaib un Nisa Aziz (Yale University): Songs of Sisterhood: Feminism and the question of empire in the age of internationalism


Panel H: Changes and Impact: Feminist Strategies after 1918

Venue: The Weston Lecture Theatre

Lisa Berry-White (University of Exeter): Women candidates in Britain 1918-1922

Ellen Ross (Ramapo College of New Jersey): After the Vote: Women Graduates Look for Work

Julie Gottlieb (University of Sheffield): Suffrage Afterlives and Deaths: The post-suffrage career and suicide of Dame Helena Swanwick


3.30-4.30: Discussion Panel (Activism) Sam Smethers (Fawcett Society), Mara Clarke (Abortion Support Network), Leyla Hussein (Dahlia Project) Kay Banyard (UK Feminista)

Venue: The Weston Lecture Theatre


4.30-4.45: Closing Remarks



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